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Each bottle contains 90 capsules
(Take 1 - 3 daily as required)
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Panax Ginseng is a known adaptogenic herb that supports thinking, concentration, memory, physical endurance, and blood sugar. It’s also used to help with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. It’s known to boost the immune system, fight infections and help men with erectile dysfunction. Our Panax Ginseng extract pills are usually used to sustain healthy energy levels, generate antioxidant protection, stimulate natural sexual response and neutralize the negative effects of stress to the human body.


How do i take it?
Take 1 – 3 daily as required. Or as instructed by your medical practitioner.


Is Panax Ginseng an aphrodisiac?
Yes. That is one of the most famous aspects of the plant. Its used to both manage libido in women and men and support erectile function in men.


What do the pills contain?
Each capsule contains: Panax Ginseng extract (20% ginsenosides) 350mg. No fillers or other substances, except for a gelatin capsule shell.


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