EZ Slim - Fat Burner

Each bottle contain 60 pills
(take 2 pills per day)
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This is an effective Thermogenic weight loss formula, that can allow you to lose 2kg per week with no changes in diet or any exercise, by just taking 1 powerful pill. Because EZ Slim has been specially formulated without Ephedrine, you will not experience any of the jittery feelings associated with other diet pills. You will experience smooth sustained energy all day, and feel great as you go about your daily activity, burning all those extra calories.


What does it do?
EZ Slim increases the speed at which your metabolism processes fat, thereby burning off excess calories. No longer will you need to spend hours on a treadmill just to burn off a few calories. It is like turning up your body’s natural fat burning thermostat.


Is EZ Slim safe?
Safety is our top concern. This product contains 100% pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is regularly tested to ensure the safety and quality. This Product contains Caffeine. People with Caffeine allergies should consult their physician before taking EZ Slim.


How do I take it?
1 pill twice daily. 30 minutes before food. To support suppressed appetite and increase energy levels.


What are the ingredients?
The sophisticated blend of herbal powders and extracts in each capsule consists of:

  • Caralluma fimbriata
  • Bitter orange
  • Green tea
  • Piperine



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