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Ketone Pure - Fat Burner, Superfood

Each bottle contain 90 capsules
(Take 1 capsule, twice per day, 30 minutes before food.)
Today’s Price: From $23.95 USD


Raspberry ketones are the only weight loss supplements that can help you lose dramatic amounts of fat without making other changes to your lifestyle. With raspberry ketones, you do not need supplemental crash dieting or insane workouts to assist you with fat loss. Just pop in these safe, super-strength, 100% natural pills and then simply wait for fat loss. It really does not get any easier or less complicated than this! Raspberry Ketones have been collectively labeled as the number one fat burner in a bottle, gaining tremendous popularity after being featured as the best fat burning supplement on the very famous, widely watched Doctor Oz show. It is also the only prominent fat burning supplement that have been approved by the FDA, which gave it a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating.


The Science Behind Ketones
Raspberry ketones are a naturally occurring ingredient, found in the red raspberry fruit. They are one of few, very rare natural ingredients that contain a hormone called Adiponectin, a hormone that has also been dubbed as the “Thin Hormone”. This hormone, when ingested into the body, naturally shifts the body’s metabolism, tweaking it to burn fat cells for energy, resulting in reduced fat and higher energy levels. One must however understand that eating lots of raspberries will however not lead to fat loss. In fact, one needs to eat about 90lbs of raspberries to get enough Adiponectin that will trigger significant fat loss. Eating 90lbs of red raspberries is just ridiculous. That is where Ketone Pure comes in. Ketone Pure can give you that strong raspberry ketone dosage, without all the raspberries, helping you lose fat and increase energy by just popping a pill and doing absolutely nothing else!


How to take it?
The usual dose is one capsule, twice per day, 30 minutes before food.


What results will I get?
You should start to notice an increase in energy levels almost straight away, and within one week you will notice a vast improvement in your weight.


Are there any known side effects?
Raspberry Ketone is easily tolerated by the body, however if you experience any of the following nausea, dizziness, or any other side effects you should stop taking immediately and consult your doctor or health care professional.


Can anybody take this product?
This product is not recommended for persons under that age of 18 or pregnant woman. Or if you are on medication, have heart problems, or suffer any serious illness.


Our Ketone Pure product is made up of 100% Raspberry ketones so you get the full benefits of the product with no fillers, just pure Raspberry Ketone.


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